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I'm a single woman who's a work in progress personally & professionally!


Njoya Angrum founded "The Harlem Knitting Circle" while recuperating from a traumatic "on the job injury" while working as a NYC teacher. While learning how to walk again, and dealing with various medical and social service bureaucracy, Njoya began to knit again. Knitting was just beginning to become fashionable and this art bought back pleasant memories of both of Njoya's Grandmother's-"Nana" and "Nanie". Both ladies crocheted and taught Njoya at an early age, but it was "Nana"-Njoya's Maternal Grandmother, who on a warm summer evening, while sitting on the porch and shelling peas, introduced her to the world of knitting. This art evoked the healing spirits of these two wonderful women! As Njoya knitted so did her mind, body, and spirit!
After meeting and reading Christopher Reeves "Still Me" and the biography of "Frida Kahlo", Njoya allowed her frustrations and anguish to fuel her creative nature! Out of her love for the arts, memories of both of her Grandmother's, educating and community organizing, the "Harlem Knitting Circle" was born!
HKC's first meeting was Dec. 06, 2003-one of NYC wickedest snowstorms to date! Njoya and her boyfriend, Sayeed Ibn Abdul Samad, trudged through the knee deep snow to the Pehlam Fritz Recreational Center, arms loaded with hot cider and cookies, and it's with that determination that HKC was born!
Now in February'2009 HKC has moved to the Harlem Branch Library-9 West 124th St & 5th Ave!
The librarians and other library staff are warm and welcoming!
The Harlem Knitting Circle* is my baby and she will be turning 9 years old in Dec’12! I am a NYC Elementary Education teacher in the village of Harlem, New York and I love it. I teach Early Childhood Education, Students with Disabilites/Special Education, and Literacy. I graduate with my Masters Degree in Special Ed in May’12 and will be certified for 3 areas! I’ve taught in a Collaborative Team Teaching class setting and I loved it, which is why I chose Special Education. I’m single, with no children, and I have 2 cats, Diego & Nahla, who are my babies, spoiled, and keep the NYC mice at bay! Good boy Diego! Nahla has yet to catch anything, but she lays her head on my arms and purrs as she gives me "baby cat love". My maternal Grandmother taught me to knit & crochet one summer evening as she sat on the porch shelling beans. My paternal Grandmother crocheted Queen sized blankets for all 6 of her grandchildren and reintroduced me to crocheting as a teen on a balmy Louisiana night right after we finished making her famous preserves! Yum! I’m a serious romantic and fiercely protective of children and family. I love my nieces and nephews as if they were my own children. I’m more of a knitter then I am a crocheter, but I can do both. I haven’t found my rhythm with crochet yet. It’s my desire to crochet an ankle length Granny Squared A-line dress, with a matching bag. In my mind’s eye I see the dress as form fitting on the top and then flaring out over the hips, (there’s a lot of that! lol), down to my ankles. I love the drama of long sweeping dresses/skirts & gowns. When I get married one of my dresses on that special day will be knitted/crocheted. I am in awe of knitted/crocheted lace and cables. I love to be invited to other groups, because as a moderator/hostess I don’t always get much time to work on my projects. I love meeting new people and for life to flow like water. See you soon!**


knitting, shopping, art galleries, reading, sewing, crochet, museums, beading, my hobbies are writing, and traveling by train. i'm an amtrak nut! lol one of these days i'm going to hop on board with a case load of yarn, audo books, and knit my way across country! i like going on tours in different states and exposing my students to different experiences! i enjoy meeting people fr